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ESPN and CBS Masters TV Commercials, Is It April Yet?


Raise your hand if you’ve gotten more than a little excited (aroused even) when seeing those Masters commercials while watching ESPN or CBS recently.  I have six words for you- trust me, you are not alone.  The turn of the calendar year marks the downhill stretch towards Augusta, and if you’re like me, you’ve been counting down to those azaleas since, oh……..last April.

The commercials truly are those that make you want to yell to everyone in your house, “shut up for just a second, the Masters commercial is on,” even though they only last for about 15 seconds.  I know that I’ve personally shushed my wife a time or two during the commercial break of a college basketball or NFL game.  Trust me, she knows how obsessed I am when I can recite every Masters winner in order since 1934, so a random shush is nothing new when it’s Augusta related.

I recall making fun of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings geekoids who would pay to see a movie, go in just to see the trailer for the yet to be released newest episode of the trilogy, and then walk out before they movie that they paid for actually started (yep, that actually was reported to have happened many times pre-YouTube days).  Make fun of them, I can no more, as I would probably watch a random college basketball game just for the hope or chance to see a Masters commercial.  It’s just that much more special when it’s unexpected.  Ok, I’m feeling a little bit weird and exposed here, but then again it’s the Masters, and I know that I’m not alone in saying all of this.

So, let the countdown begin folks, the second week in April is just 11 weeks away.  Time to work on that shushing.

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