Welcome to our Amazing Golf Shots Channel, where we have compiled some of the top shots in golf history from both the PGA Tour and other professional golf tours, as well as memorable moments from the amateur side.  These amazing golf shot videos allow you to truly appreciate the skills and creativity of the game’s best, and provide inspiration for us witnesses.

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Go back in time and re-live Tiger Woods’ incredible chip-in at the 2005 Masters, Jack Nicklaus’ historic charge to win the 1986 Masters at age 46, World Long Drive Champion Jamie Sadlowski hitting absurdly prodigious drives, Phil Mickelson and his infamous backwards shot, Seve Ballesteros exhibiting his legendary creativity by hitting a shot from his knees, the United States Ryder Cup Team’s historic comeback at the 1999 Ryder Cup and so much more.  So spend a few minutes and enjoy some of golf’s most amazing moments, and be sure to share with your friends!



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