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Author: Amy Sifontes

My Golf Locker: Customized Golf Boxes, You Pick the Price

06/27/2017 Subscriptions have long been trending in the Internet Age. From wines to e-books, there are endless online companies popping up every day offering simplicity and convenience for shopping for you. Well, the latest in this concept has entered the golf apparel industry with My Golf Locker. What is My Golf Locker? My Golf Locker is a personalized golf subscription service created by the retailer Golf Locker. It sends you a carefully curated selection of apparel, including golf shoes, hats, polos and pants based on your preferences. Currently, this subscription service is only available for men. The service tailors...

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Antigua 2017 Men’s Summer Golf Performance and Windwear Collection

06/21/2017 They say the key to a great round of golf is looking great. Fake it until you make it for that boost of confidence, plus someone’s probably whispering about you in the club house saying how good you must be based on your outfit alone. Only pros can pull that look off, right? With Antigua’s latest Summer collection, there is a mighty great chance you will be the star of the course. Be prepared to play your best and catch some glances with this colorful and vibrant follow up to its delightful Spring line. Check out more on...

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