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Author: Todd Kolb

The Skill Code by Cameron McCormick: Should You Try It?

What is The Skill Code? If you’ve been tuning into the Golf Channel lately, you’ve probably seen some ads for The Skill Code. And if you know who Jordan Spieth is, you’ve likely heard of the creator of The Skill Code. Cameron McCormick is Jordan Spieth’s coach, and he’s distilled his wisdom into this new video series. **DISCLAIMER:  WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH NOR DO WE SELL THE SKILL CODE.  THIS ARTICLE IS INTENDED AS A REVIEW TO HELP GOLFERS LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT.** My role as the Director of Instruction for USGolfTV is to do whatever I...

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The 5 BEST Tips for Beginner Golfers

The 5 Best Tips for Beginner Golfers 12/12/2017 More than almost any other sport, golf has an annoying tendency to look much simpler than it is. Every golfer knows what it is to feel like you’re swinging like Jordan Spieth, then watch your ball fall nowhere near your target. As it turns out, perfect golf technique isn’t always obvious or intuitive. The good news is that human nature tends to be fairly consistent for everyone… at least when it comes to golf. Amateur golfers all tend to adopt the same bad habits. As a result, I can probably guess...

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How Smash Factor Helps Us Maximize Swing Speed

Mastering Smash Factor, Maximizing Speed 12/08/2017 You know how satisfying a solid drive can be. There’s the clean “thwack” of the club making contact. The spin of the ball. The feel of solid impact. Nothing feels better than smashing the ball. And smashing the ball begins with a very simple concept: You have to hit the ball in the center of your clubface. Of course, if you’ve been golfing any amount of time, you know centering the golf ball is easier said than done. And if you’re new to golf, you may have a difficult time judging your contact...

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How to Hit Irons: Know Your Distances

How to Hit Irons and Become a Better Golfer: Know Your Distances 11/20/2017 When talking about how to hit irons, one of the simplest ways to improve your golf game is also the most obvious: Know your distance. Know how far you’re hitting the golf ball. Now, you may be thinking that this advice is not only obvious – it’s also inevitable. You can see the flight of your ball. You can probably tell me how many shots were too short in your last round. And you certainly remember the drives that went exactly where you wanted them to. How is it possible to not know your distance? Well, what I’m talking about is exact yardage. I can’t tell you how many students come to the Todd Kolb Golf Academy with no idea how long their drive is. One of my first priorities as an instructor is to make sure they know their distances. Until they have those numbers, they cannot recognize patterns, test their consistency, and improve their game. The same is true for you. And to get started, you need to have the proper tools. Invest in a Launch Monitor When learning how to hit irons more effectively, the most helpful statistic is knowing the distance you actually hit each iron.  The surest way to know your exact distance is by using a launch monitor. A launch...

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Swing Caddie 2 Review

Swing Caddie 2 Review Swing Caddie 2 Review: Can you get cutting edge numbers without breaking the bank? 11/13/2017 Have you been wondering if it’s time to take your golf game to the next level with the help of a training aid? As a PGA golf instructor, I’ll let you in on a secret. The one device I use the most in my work as an instructor is a launch monitor. A launch monitor is a device that records what happens at the moment of impact. It gives you information including clubhead speed, smash factor, and ball speed. A...

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3 Chipping Tips Any Golfer Can Use

3 Chipping Tips Any Golfer Can Use 09/26/2017 It’s easy to overlook chipping when you’re working to improve your golf game. Unlike driving and putting, you’ll only have to chip a handful of times each round. Even so, a solid chipping technique can mean the difference between a bogey and a birdie.  And as most golfers are painfully aware, those bogeys can add up fast. Fortunately, a few small adjustments in your method can help you chip the ball up and down right where you want it, setting you up for an easy putt almost every time. You just...

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How to Avoid Three-Putt Holes

How to Avoid the Dreaded Three-Putt Hole 08/29/2017 Are you stuck in the three-putt rut? It’s not the least bit uncommon for golfers of all skill levels to routinely take three strokes to sink a putt they should be able to make in two. Getting past this habit takes a change in mentality and a lot of practice. I’m going to share three drills that will help you develop the skills you need to avoid that frustrating three-putt. But first, let’s make sure we’re clear on some putting fundamentals. The Fundamentals Before you can work on reducing the number...

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How to Start Consistently Making Putts

08/21/2017 The Key to Consistently Making Putts Who wouldn’t love to improve their putting? The better you are at making putts, the better your scorecard looks. Unfortunately, a lot of golfers find themselves shooting the same scores over and over again with no idea how to get off the green in fewer strokes. If you relate to this problem, I’m here to help. I am going to share with you the one key skill that you must master in order to be a better putter. I will also share three drills designed to help you practice this skill. But...

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Bushnell Excel GPS Watch Review: Video

Bushnell Excel GPS Watch Review – Wearable Technology 08/11/2017 So, you’ve been eyeing the Excel GPS Rangefinder Watch from Bushnell Golf . . . and who could blame you? This Bluetooth-capable watch does everything from measuring your clubhead speed to reporting yardages at each hole. But with a price tag of $249.99, you may be wondering if the Excel GPS Watch is a practical investment. Featured: Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review I gave the watch a test run so I could tell you what to expect from this product. In short: it blew my mind. Now, if you’re familiar...

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5 Keys to a Proper Putting Setup

08/08/2017 Having Tour Precision in putting all starts with a proper putting setup, which is why these 5 Putting Setup Keys can help you start shaving strokes. Five Keys to a Proper Putting Setup If you’re struggling to master the putt, you’re in good company. Every golfer knows what it’s like to fall too short or too long on a putt that seems like it should have been so easy. If you find yourself missing the cup time and again, it may be time to focus less on the motion of your swing and more on the strength of...

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