Beginner Golf Tips: 3 EASY Tips to Improve Your Setup

By Ann Marie Roberts
September 20, 2016


3 Setup Keys to Improve Your Golf Game

To start the golf swing you need a solid setup; beginner golf tips right? Well, if you are not in the correct setup position you have started to create a habit that will eventually be difficult to break. You know that once you create a bad habit, you have to spend time making the correct move to break the bad habit. And be honest—do you have the time to spend correcting a bad habit? Or do you want to just setup correctly at the beginning and play the game?

Golf is a nonreactive sport. That little round ball can make you happy, irritated, ecstatic, frustrated, and sometimes just downright a crazy person. But in all of these emotions, the one thing that is constant is that little round ball. It will never move until you make it move.

When you swing the club you should keep your keys to no more than three. This way you haven’t overloaded your thoughts so much that it becomes a list of thoughts so long that you can’t even begin to start your swing.  These may sound like beginner golf tips, but golfers of any level can certainly find benefit in them.

So to start your swing and move in the correct way, let’s get you set up in the correct position.

PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb has 3 key components for you to set up in the proper position.

Body Positioning

Step one (for right handed golfers) is to make sure your left hip is over your left foot. Left hip, left foot. With this move your hip goes left and this allows your upper body the ability to shift to the right allowing you to setup into the correct position for the second step of this setup.

The second step is to make sure your head is behind the ball. So the phrase is left hip left and head behind the golf ball. It will feel as if you have slightly shifted your hip left and angled your upper body to the right. Your body is now almost in the correct position.

The third step will finish the setup putting your body into a very solid and useful position to begin your swing. So the third and final step is to have the left arm high and the right arm low. Make sure your elbows are not tucked underneath or your shoulder shoved up by your ear. Just make sure your left arm is slightly higher than your right. This will go along with the position of having your head behind the ball as well.

So run these thoughts through your head as you begin to step into your setup: left hip left, head behind the ball and left arm high. If you do these three things at setup you will be prone to hit more consistent quality golf shots.

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