Improve Your Putting (Guest Post)

June 6, 2018

How to Improve Your Putting for Free


You don’t necessarily need to go to the golf course to improve your putting.  In fact, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on training aids to improve your putting.

With two coke bottles and a piece of string, GolfMagic’s PGA pro Adam Glass shows you how to improve your putting from the comfort of your own home! Here’s a great drill to improve your putting at home when the weather is bleak and miserable, preventing you from getting out on the course. That’s the beauty of putting, you can practice it just about anywhere.

The Drill

Aluminum cans or coffee cups also work for this simple putting drill, but I’ve decided to use plastic coke bottles. As you’ll see from the video below, I’ve setup two coke bottles roughly six feet apart with a piece of string attached to them. The string will be your point of reference for this putting drill.

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I then want you to place a golf ball directly under the string and work on making a putting stroke. We are looking for an arc that is very symmetrical back and through. I want you to setup to the ball and we are looking for the arc to be slightly inside of the string on the way back, level at impact, and then back to the inside on the way through.

Check out the video below, give it a go this weekend and let us know how you get on.

That’s all you need to improve your putting!

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Thanks again to Adam Glass for the simple tip to help your putting game!

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