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October 19, 2013


Speed Putting Drill – Understanding Lag Putting

Putting accounts for the majority of the strokes taken during a given round.  So understanding when to have more or less speed on a putt can help you save strokes on your game.  In this video, former LPGA Teacher of the Year Cheryl Anderson gives us some simple–yet practical–tips on how to become a more effective putter.

Hi, I’m Cheryl Anderson, and I’m the Director of Instruction at the Mike Bender Golf Acadamy here in Lake Mary, Florida.  So a lot of people spend a lot of time figuring out where to aim their putts for these short putts, but I also want you to think about what speed you want the ball to roll in (speed putting drill).

3 Speeds

These are golf tips for beginner golfers, but thinking about the concepts can help golfers of all levels.  So, there’s three speeds in putting.  You’ve got speed one; where the ball could just die right in the front edge of the cup.  You’ve got speed two, where you’re going to focus on hitting the ball right on the bottom part of the cup, like so.  And then speed three would be when you hit the top part of the cup, like that.

Using Each Type of Putting Speed

So when you have a downhill putt on a very fast green, go with speed one; just die it and focus on a spot right in front of the cup.  If you’re on a level surface, focus on speed two, where you’re looking at the bottom of the cup.  And let’s say you have an uphill putt; focus on the back of the cup, and knock it in.  I hope that helps your short putts.

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