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By Steve Zahn
November 19, 2013


Teach Kids Golf: Tips for Beginner Golfers

Tips for beginner golfers are easy to find.  However, tips for beginner instructors are less readily available.  But with a positive outset and a little research, learning how to teach kids golf may not be as challenging as you might think.

Are you interested in getting your kids excited about golf? Have you ever thought about teaching them the game yourself? If that is a scary thought, I bet you’re thinking that you’re not good enough.  Or maybe you don’t want to teach kids golf the wrong way.

Well then, before you give up, read this:

Just do it and have fun!

Set no expectations other than to encourage and have fun. Find a place where you can maximize the fun factor (like a short par 3) and go play. To put it another way – the first step in teaching kids golf is to get them to think that golf is fun.

Kids want to do fun stuff. But let’s face it, golf has one distinct disadvantage from other activities (music, baseball, etc) when it comes to attracting kids. It is fundamentally a solitary sport rather than a team sport and kids have fun when they are around other kids. OK – adapt! Bring some friends along and make it a game.

Bottom line – you have to get them hooked before you can teach kids golf. So make it fun!

Usable Literature

Once you have made golf fun, then you can begin their learning process.  If you have any experience with golf at all, you can teach your child golf!  Like tips for beginner golfers, tips for beginner instructors are most effective a little at a time.  But you might have to do some homework first.  So here are 3 helpful suggestions to help you prepare.

  1. Get this book: The Baffled Parent’s Guide to Teaching Kids Golf.

    I have bought and read several books on youth golf instruction. Detty Moore’s effort stands above the rest. Here’s why:

    1. Chapter 1: Create A Positive Atmosphere. Her choice for this chapter clearly tells me that she knows her stuff. Have fun- remember? No other book on youth golf begins on this note.

    2. The first instructional chapter focuses on fundamentals. Right on target! Fundamentals are as important for beginners as they are for every golfer. Even when playing games you can stress fundamentals in a subtle way without ruining the fun. The next instructional chapter discusses chipping and putting. If you do nothing more than focus on fundamentals and the short game before obtaining formal training, you have greatly increased your child’s chance for golf enjoyment and success.

    3. Each instructional chapter contains dozens of fun and creative activities for your child to explore the concepts without feeling like they’re learning. Brilliant!

  2. Read this Golf Digest article:

    Teach Me! 10 simple tips to hook your child on golf forever.  In 5 minutes you will learn the 10 best tips I’ve ever seen about teaching youth golf. I am particularly impressed with #7: Safety – a topic which always deserves more attention.

  3. Sign your child up for The First Tee:

    The First Tee is not primarily a junior golf program.  Now, attending The First Tee alone will not make your child a good golfer. But it will expose them to other kids who like to play, they will learn life skills for use on and off the course, and it will supplement other golf education and experiences they receive. The First Tee is an important part of any early childhood golf development program.


Remember – you can do it.  And don’t be surprised if you find yourself improving as well.  The saying is: To teach is to learn twice.  Have fun!

Steve Zahn

If you’re looking to teach kids golf, but don’t know where to start, check out these 3 simple setup tips.  These great tips for beginner golfers to get you on the right track!

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