5 Reasons Why Vietnam Should be At the Top of Your Golf Bucket List

By Drew Binsky
February 8, 2017


Imagine playing golf in the middle of rice fields with hanging coconut trees lining the fairways alongside the greenest grass you’ve ever putted on.  Or perhaps you’d prefer to see deep valleys, high mountains, and ocean views edging the tee box?

That’s just the tip of iceberg of what it’s like to play golf in Vietnam.

I’ve been living in Vietnam for several months now, and played many of the top courses – and I can tell you with certainty that nothing compares to the beauty I’ve experienced out here.  

Over the last decade or so, Vietnam has been moving up the international golf radar since it’s introduction of challenging and breathtaking courses.  The country boasts about 40 tracks in total, many of which are up to PGA standard in yardage, slope, and rating.

Here are 5 reasons why Vietnam should be at the top of your golf bucket list.

1. It’s Affordable

Golf in Vietnam is about 1/3 as cheap as playing  in the states.   You can really get a good bang for your buck.

2. Always get a Caddie

Nearly every course in Vietnam will provide you with a caddie (usually included in your green fee).   They are incredible helpful when playing a course for the first time, as they are masters at reading the greens and telling you where to hit the ball.   Even though they likely won’t speak English, they are very friendly and nice to be around!

3. 5-Star Service

As golf is considered a rich man’s sport in Vietnam (more so than in America) — most courses have a 5 star resorts built around them.  I’ve stayed at a few of them and it’s really a nice experience.  Expect to receive top notch hospitality, food and service.

4. Amazing Natural Landscapes

Vietnam is one of the most stunning countries I’ve ever laid eyes on, and has the most beauty to offer in SouthEast Asia.   The courses have vibrant greens, well-kept fairways and rough.   Tall and narrow mountains can usually be seen in the distance (similar to that of the famous Ha Long Bay).  It’s really as good as it gets.

5. Get Cultured

The little things that you’ll experience during your golf round are fantastic – like the food (Pho noodle soup, spring rolls, banh mi sandwich) and Vietnamese hospitality.  Even though most people can’t speak English, you’ll find the Vietnamese to be very kind and welcoming.   They are always at your service and will make you feel right at home.

If you are heading to Vietnan, check out these top courses:

I hope reading this article has inspired you to play golf in Vietnam! 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about golfing in Vietnam.

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