Dom DeBonis had a once-in-a-lifetime run on the golf course, but he cut it close. The 81-year-old recorded four aces in 33 days, including three in a single trip to Myrtle Beach.

DeBonis recorded his first hole-in-one on September 3 at The Villages. He aced the par-3 fifth hole with a pitching wedge from 101 yards. Anytime a golfer can write a one on the score card is a feat in itself, but this shot was special. It was the first time in 45 years that someone aced the hole.

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At that point, DeBonis might have retired from golf. Instead, he took his clubs on vacation to Myrtle Beach. What ensued was nothing short of miraculous.

On October 6, DeBonis used a 9-iron to ace the 112-yard par-3 17th at Farmstead Golf Club. A day later, it was the sixth hole at Thistle Golf Club that fell. This one required a 7-iron from 129 yards out. Finally, DeBonis conquered the fourth hole at Blackmoor Golf Club with an 8-iron from 118 yards.

Three days, three different clubs, three different courses, same result. It’s simply incredible.

DeBonis told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “I just couldn’t believe it. The guys were going bananas. They said we got to buy lottery tickets, so we went and bought a bunch of lottery tickets.”

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There’s no word on whether or not DeBonis has cashed in on millions yet. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise anybody.

The better question, though, is how do octogenarians celebrate aces? Do they buy the whole clubhouse a round of beers per tradition? Or prune juice?

Either way, it’s a remarkable achievement that showcases the beauty of golf. It only takes one shot to restore love of the game. Or, in DeBonis’ case, four.