Brandt Snedeker’s Bridgestone 4-iron, meet this lonely clay pigeon.

This weekend, it appears as though PGA Tour player Brandt Snedeker was getting some practice in for the start of the 2014-2015 PGA Tour season approaching. Instead of driving range practice, Snedeker went to the skeet range. Instead of a shotgun, he brought a bundle of golf balls and his Bridgestone J40 muscle-back four iron.

Watch the most incredible video you will watch all week.

People are stirring as to the authenticity of the video. Now I remember watching a SportsScience video a few years back trying to simulate Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson’s hitting of the bird while pitching. Inside the laboratory, they were unable to reenact the scenario of meeting to moving objects traveling on differing linear lines. A golf ball is smaller than a baseball and a clay pigeon is smaller than a bird. This makes the feat even more incomprehensible.

I hope this video makes it’s way to the office of John Brenkus for a little analyzation and data capture.

In order for the shot to take place, there has to have been some choreography. The person laying the clay pigeons needed to know the trajectory in which the ball is firing off. He then, needs to lay the pigeon in the vicinity of the 4-iron trajectory. For Brandt, it was ‘see and shoot’. No one does it better, or faster, on the PGA Tour than Snedeker.

Incredible shot, Brandt!

What’s In My Bag: Brandt Snedeker (April 2014)