Jason Dufner consistently provides laughs. Whether its goofing with fellow Tour pros, taking fun stabs at people on Twitter or strolling the links in his typical jocular nature, the 36-year old is one of the Tour’s gems. Supplying laughter isn’t a burden to be taken lightly, and Jason treats this responsibility with the utmost priority. Maybe I’m being facetious, but even if I am, it sure seems like Jason operates this way.

Sometimes inadvertently:

[VIDEO from the Franklin Templeton Shootout]

During last weekend’s Franklin Templeton Shootout, with his partner Dustin Johnson already with a tap-in for par marked near the hole, Jason approached his birdie putt from 15-feet. Then his “oopsie-daisies” moment happens. His playing partner Chad Campbell couldn’t hold back the laughs. Dustin Johnson promptly walks up and hits his par putt without asking questions. He laughing – something Jason always supplies.

Watch the full 47-second clip, perhaps the best part of the video comes from Jason’s reaction. And who says golfers aren’t athletes.

Troy Klongerbo

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