His play is inconsistent at best, but his behavior has been consistently erratic.

ESPN recently announce it would produce another 30 episodes of 30 for 30. The popular ESPN series can be expected to attract a great deal of attention almost regardless, but the episode likely to be a notch above the rest is John Daly’s.

Daly has had a career in golf that can only be described as some sort of a rollercoaster ride. From winning the PGA championship in 1991 and The Open Championship in 1995 at his peaks, to battling alcoholism and drug abuse at his lows, Daly has been an enigmatic figure on the PGA Tour for the past 24 years.

His charismatic personality has often times overshadowed his accomplishments on the golf course. Recently, the Loudmouth pants he wore drew significant attention. He’s a chain smoker and carries on from fairway to fairway puffing on his carcinogen stick. He’s also had some dark moments in his personal life such as his most recent problems that involve a legal battle between an ex-wife and a current fiancée.

The 49-year-old Daly has battled alcoholism on and off during his career. He claims it started as far back as when he attended high school in Arkansas. He also has been known to gamble large sums of money, with claims of career losses in the multi-millions of dollars.

Daly, by nearly everyone’s account, is not a malicious person. He is a good-hearted man who has to overcome his many destructive demons on a daily basis. Today he remains as a popular figure with many golf fans, almost as much as the day he won his first major in 1991 at the PGA.

When asked during a press conference why he remains a popular figure in golf, Daly responded as he always has: very honestly, frankly and to the point.

He said, “Why? I have been very honest with many of my problems throughout my life. Everyone has problems, so the fans can relate to that.”

30 for 30

Daly turned professional in 1987 after attending the University of Arkansas. Daly sprang on the scene in a huge way in 1991. He won the PGA Championship that year after being the ninth and last alternate for the tournament. His journey from out of the field to winner’s circle was an endearing one to fans worldwide.

Only days prior to the tournament, Nick Price withdrew from the event and eight other alternates were not able to make it to the tournament, giving Daly his shot at stardom.

Jeff “Squeaky” Medlin, Price’s caddie was Daly’s caddie for the tournament. He opened with a 69 and 67 on Thursday and Friday before a weekend of 69 and 71 to win by three strokes over Bruce Lietzke.

His powerful swing and surprise win created a cult-like fan base that has followed him and his flashy to say the least pants around the globe.

Daly will turn 50 next April and you can expect to see him become a popular figure on the Champions Tour.

But before that, we can look forward to his airing on ESPN and watching the unfolding of his life.