We all know the feeling of missing a putt on the golf course– especially a short one.

The inner ferocity is uncontrollable. We want to react with barbaric rage. Every single golfer in the world wants to revert to their 3-year old days and do something ridiculous, they want to completely lose their composure. As Will Ferrell teaches us below, you have to keep your composure. Perhaps you have a friend in your 4-some who doesn’t care and embraces this type of reaction.

Kudos to pops in this video for having the camera ready.

But without any further ado, watch the purest, most unadulterated reaction in the history of golf, as this little boy misses.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.52.42 AM

First of all, what a fantastic response from this child. I have friends from my prep/collegiate days who have sounded like this at some point on the golf course (you know who you guys are…). Secondly, the kid was in tap-in range. Watch him blow the putt 5-6 feet past the hole. Hone your distance control little whooper-snapper! Can’t hit a putt with that much pace and expect it to drop!

The only difference between this little boy and Tiger Woods, is that Tiger actually makes the putt. Setting the ball right next to the hole is the first step in making a putt. Watch Tiger Woods on the Mike Douglas show as a 2-year old (FWD to 2:00 mark):

I can only think if before this little boy misses the putt, had he heard Will Ferrell’s motivating speech in his undies in the movie “Old School,” he may have been able to keep his composure.

This little boy was unable to keep his composure. And for that, we are grateful.