Blow up hole


Now it’s U.S. Open week, I know. But let’s shift the golfing focus for a moment’s time back to April and Augusta National.

The NBA Finals just concluded and two of this year’s Golden State Warriors champions, the regular season MVP Stephen Curry and Finals MVP Andre Iguodala are excited about more than just winning an NBA championship, the first for the Bay Area since 1975. The were going to play golf at the most exclusive course in the nation.

“When we won, I’m yelling at Steph, ‘We’re going to Augusta!'” Iguodala said. “You know how everybody goes to Disneyland? We’re going to Augusta.”

And you don’t think these guys are golf fans? At one time, debates murmured as to whether or not Steph Curry could play on the PGA Tour. But check out these tweets:

How about Andre Iguodala’s tribute tweet about the great ambassador Calvin Peete.


How about these other golf tweet from Iggy Showtime?

Although I find myself jealous of the two, I’m also excited. I’m excited to see two of the sports world’s biggest stars of the moment advocate for golf. As if the world of golf doesn’t need more attention with this week’s US Open, these two Bay Area MVPs are giving golf an added level of respect. 

Let’s hope they leave the “splash bros” nickname at home for this trip…