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     Still Dealing with That Nasty Slice?

If you’ve been struggling for months, years or even DECADES to fix your slice…why wouldn’t you give this a look? Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars looking for new clubs to fix your shot, save yourself some money (and several headaches).


 Nobody Is Born With a “Golf Gene”

The Prairie Secret, the first golf improvement program which provides a step-by-step plan for you to follow over a 30 day period. Applying “the Prairie secret” consistently over 30 days… now that brings real power to the improvement process.  And that’s why I know you can make a dramatic and positive shift in your scores… every aspect of your game… and the amount of enjoyment you get from golf.


  It’s as Simple as These 3 Words: ONE. LESS. STROKE.

How many times have you looked at your scorecard at the end of a round and thought, “Man, if I could have just cut that 6 down to a 5…or If I just hadn’t 3 putted on that hole…or if just hit a better drive on that one par 4 I wouldn’t have that triple bogey…