Axis2Angle Golf Swing Trainer Review

By Rick Cole
March 13, 2012

I just finished watching the latest episode of the Haney Project. This season, Hank is showering his love and instruction on four swinging/hacking celebrities instead of the usual single student. If you want to bring a star down to earth, videotape their golf swing. They may be talented and rich and glamorous, but they swing the club just as badly as everyone else. And just like on the range at the East Nowhere Municipal Golf Course, three of the four Hank Haney star students have an over the top slice. Haney reckons 90% of golfers have this fault. So does the inventor of the Axis2Angle.

Dean Capesius is an award winning PGA golf instructor and runs his own golf academy. A few years ago, after adding some high-tech swing analysis video equipment, he noticed 95% of his kids were coming over the top in their golf swings. This was affecting everything, and not in a good way. Their spine angles and their shaft angles were both off. They were releasing the club too early. Their impact was affected by over active hands. They were coming into the ball too steeply and hitting the ball too fat, short, and slicing to the right. The over the top swing is bad news for kids, for rich stars, and for you and me.

Being a good and conscientious teacher, Dean puzzled over the problem day and night. In this video, he tells Todd Kolb about how, one night at 3 a.m., lightning struck. Dean was inspired with a way to solve the problem of the over the top swing. He woke his wife u and said he was going to his local all-night hardware store. By sunrise, Dean had built the prototype Axis2Angle swing aid.

The Axis2Angle teaches golfers through muscle memory and correct repetitive motion. It will improve your golf swing by getting you and keeping you into a correct stance. Your spine angle will be perfect all the way through the swing. You will stay with your swing through the point of impact, avoiding an early release. You will stay down on the ball, rather than pulling up and wreaking havoc on ball contact. Repeating a good swing from a good stance over and over again will make it your own. We love this kind of invention where a great instructor comes up with an innovation that improves the game for everyone.

Rick Cole

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