Carl Pettersson was born in Sweden, played his high school and college golf in the States and a self-proclaimed loves to eat ice cream at night. That latter part is funny and true, but has nothing to do with Carl’s Ryder Cup chances; however, the first two scoops do.

According to European Tour officials, because Carl is not a Tour member, he is not allowed to play in the Ryder Cup matches. Carl actually hasn’t played a European Tour event since 2006 and hasn’t played a full schedule across the pond since 2002, so beyond ice cream it’s clear where his loyalty lies (red, white and blue). PGA of America officials recently looked into Carl’s status as a potential U.S. team member, but according to rule, the player must have become a U.S. citizen before their 18th birthday, and Carl just became a citizen in January. He also tickled a leaf recently at the PGA Championship and was penalized.

With the Ryder Cup quickly approaching, someone may want to remind Carl of all of this, as Carl apparently doesn’t know that he isn’t eligible for the matches. To see this in motion, check out Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis’s interview with Carl below, as Todd basically labels Carl as a drifter without a home country and tells him that even though he’s been playing some great golf of late, he’s not eligible for the Ryder Cup. Carl then replies saying that he’s frustrated, but that if he plays well these next couple weeks he “might get a pick.” A big fat awkward sandwich anyone?

Well, there’s always the Presidents Cup.

Joel Harrington