Christmas Gift Ideas For Golfers

By Todd Kolb
November 27, 2011

Everyone has a golfer on their Christmas list, and finding the right gift for that individual can be a challenging task.  It is a slippery slope with high payoff for those who know the ropes and a car crash waiting to happen for the uneducated.  Buy the right gift and you will be remembered.  Buy the wrong gift and you will FOREVER be REMEMBERED!

Golfers can be quite particular when it comes to what they consider worthy enough to put into their golf bag or on their back.  Give your par-shooting boss a sleeve of Top Flites, and you might find yourself working the day shift on December 25th.  Send him home with a dozen Titleists and your bonus is guaranteed for approval.

In general, stay away from drivers, irons and putters unless you know exact specifics on what your player needs.  Purchasing equipment is like picking out a suit and tie without knowing the size.  Pick the wrong brand, shaft or loft and you just wasted hard earned cash.  Buy things that can be used by a variety of skill levels, ages and sizes.  So what does that leave?  Try any of these and feel secure knowing you will be remembered in a good way.

Many avid players will take the offseason to read up on the latest golf issues. Try any of Dr Bob Rotella’s books on the mental game, particularly the books Your 15th Club or The Golfer’s Mind. Available for $24.95 or less.  Click Here.

Golf balls are easy and every golfer can use a few.  Stay with Titleist and you won’t be disappointed.  Snoop around and see if you can find which ball the golfer on your list is currently playing, or describe the golfer’s skill level to a sales associate and they should be able to recommend the right Titleist ball, since there are many options including: Titlest DT Solo, Titleist NXT and NXT Tour, ProV1 and ProV1x and others.  Prices range from $19.99 to $46.99 per dozen, and in fact the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x’s are available for $39.99 for a limited time only this holiday season by clicking here.

Golf provides a great opportunity for a nice walk.  A good push cart can make it even more enjoyable.  I recommend the Sun Mountain V1 Speed Cart, available for $199.95.  Click Here.

Golf training has entered the realm of science with 3-D motion analysis.   He won’t forget this gift!  In our area The Kinetic Golf Performance Program at the Avera Sports Institute offers this type of analysis.  Not sure if 3-D training is available in your area? Ask around, most metro size cities have someone who has been trained as offers 3-D analysis. Prices $395.00 and up.

Follow the ideas listed above you’ll be sure to make that golfer on your list happy.

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  1. Or a Custom Seat for his golf Cart

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