Still searching to find its niche, Cobra Golf has turned to the humor department to sell its latest offering- The Cobra Baffler Hybrid Iron Set.  You may recall Cobra going all Red-Bull young hipster-like earlier this year to push clubs to Rickie Fowler wannabes with its AMP woods and irons, which seemed to be yet another page in the fluttering book that is Cobra Golf.  Nevertheless, we all love us some humor, and we definitely love us some J Peterman.

For those that aren’t familiar, J Peterman is the infamous character from Seinfeld, serving as President/CEO of the J Peterman company, Elaine’s boss for several seasons of the show.  The actor’s real name is John O’Hurley, but sorry John, you’ll always just be J Peterman to us.

In these videos, Peterman covers some of mankinds greatest achievements- beer, bikinis, sex, burgers, the pyramids and much more (yep, pretty close to what our list would be comprised of as well), and throws the Cobra Baffler into that list.  The Baffler clubs certainly aren’t for everybody, but hey, it’s a fun deviation from the same ‘ol monotonous product hyping that we’ve been all too accustomed to.

Check out the video below and for more info, visit Cobra’s Golf Made Easy page by clicking here.


Joel Harrington