Good afternoon from Pittsburgh. I am a little late on my article this
week. I am not use to these four round tournaments. The Senior Players
Championship is being played this week at Fox Chapel Golf Club. A
magnificent golf course located outside of Pittsburgh near the famous
Oakmont Golf Course. Fox Chapel is a Seth Raynor design. Seth Raynor =
old school golf courses. Almost all of the holes have areas to run the
ball in from the front. The golf course has some of the largest
bunker lips that I have ever seen around the greens. There are some
around the greens that are literally 10 feet tall. These green side traps put
an emphasis on precision iron shots and disciplined targets. This
course is a true test of patience. It will be a great walk all week.

The fairways this week are large, but can play tighter if they get
firm and fast due to the pitch in them. Managing sidehill shots in
the fairway will be a big part of the week. The greens are poa annua and
will get firm by the end of the day. This will make driving the ball
in the fairway very important. The greens are some of the fastest
greens we have played all year. Managing your speed on downhill puts
will be crucial this week. The golf course finishes par 4, par 3, par
5. The 16th is a straight away par 4 that can be played in with a
short iron with a good drive. This is a birdie opportunity if you
find the fairway. This green is sloped from back to front. You will
see players above the hole putt defensively. The 17th is a long par 3
with a green depth of 66 yards. I have never seen a green like this
one. In the middle of the green is a huge dip. It has more
similarities to a half pipe then a green. The shot will be
challenging to get pin high, but a good shot will be rewarded here.
The 18th is a long par 5 measuring close to 575 yards. This hole
plays short for its yardage and will be reachable for most of the
field. The second shot is played over a stream about 120 yards out.
If you don’t find the fairway with your tee shot you will most likely
have to lay back to 150 yards. The green is severely sloped from
right to left. This will leave players some big breaking putts. A
lot could happen on this hole. You can expect an exciting finish on

I feel the course favors a left to right player off the tee. I think
length will also be helpful this week. Managing your speeds on the
green surfaces will be the last thing that this years champion must
do. My two picks to win this week are Mark Calcavecchia and Fred
Couples, excluding Mark Weibe. See you all next week.

Brett Egge