Webb Simpson won the U.S. Open on Sunday at the Olympic Club, but possibly the most memorable moment from the day will be this crazy yahoo guy who decided to photobomb the winner’s interview. Hands down the most hilarious part is the USGA’s Mike Davis as he springs out, grabs the lunatic and pulls him straight off the screen seemingly straight from an SNL skit or something. Watch it again and again, and it just gets funnier each time. Best part about it is Webb Simpson’s line to the crazy man as he’s being pulled away- “Enjoy the jail cell pal.”  Classic!

The only question I have is, if you’re going to have your 15 seconds of fame followed by some jail time and a lifetime of humility, wouldn’t you at least come up with something better to say than to sound like a drunken owl? I guess that guy’s hat (or whatever that was) answers that question.

Joel Harrington

U.S. Open Photobomber