Another member was added to the American Presidents Cup roster, but as an Assistant Captains selection – and the selection was made once the action had already begun. Sammy the Squirrel had an adventurous day on Thursday at Muirfield Village Golf Club. He was found on the ground during the Presidents Cup action by Davis Love III, who feared he would get trampled to death by the golfing masses. Instead of simply being returned to safety, Sammy was given a free lift onCaptain Love’s cart – all day.

Not only was he given a lift, but he was able to develop a friendship with the American Assistant Captain. Before animal activists start chiming-in and overly cautious mothers get worried – the animal was in no way getting harmed and it is very rare for small rodents to carry rabies (no known cases transferred to humans). Davis Love is an outdoorsman. He knows what he’s doing.

Later in the day, skiing cutie Lindsey Vonn got ahold of Sammy (prying him from Davis’ pocket??) and put him on her boyfriend Tiger Woods’ shoulder. Video of Tiger with the squirrel has gone viral. Despite being extremely focused on the status of his teammates, Tiger was smiling and joking with the squirrel on his shoulders. Its fun to see this version of Tiger from time to time. But with a squirrel? Waking up Thursday morning, I would’ve never thought….

What an odd series of events though. I’m not an overly superstitious person by any means, but hey, if the squirrel is fun to have around and the Americans are all winning then I am completely in favor of having Sammy stick around all week.

Do squirrels even like golf?

Troy Klongerbo

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