Improving one’s golf game can be a long and frustrating process. One of my jobs as an instructor is to not only help people play better golf but to educate them on the entire process of improvement. I typically refer to this as the Player Development Process. For many people, this can be an eye-opening experience and might involve some thoughts they don’t care to hear.

In the golf world, we have been taught – by magazines, instructional videos and television programs – that everything in our game will improve if we find the right “tip.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Nobody has ever truly improved their golf game with a single magical tip. Can you imagine signing up your child for a piano tip and then wondering why she is unable to play a recital? Not in a million years. However, it happens all the time in golf.

In a recent blog entry, Tiger Woods talks about the patience it takes to change a golf swing so it can be trusted in every situation. Now let’s think about this: arguably the best player in the world has been working on something since last summer – and is still using the word patience. Interesting. Do you think this has anything to do with why he has won 14 majors? He goes on to say that his work with his new instructor Sean Foley has given him a better understanding of how to do this “better then before,” to use his words.

If you want to really play better golf this year, don’t just take it from me – listen to what the best players in the world are saying: Get on a program, work hard and have some patience.