Posted 1/15/13
Updated 2/15/13
David Feherty’s hit Golf Channel Original series is back in 2013 for its 3rd season on the air. Feherty’s unique, innovative style of interviewing has granted the public precious access into the minds of the most recognizable names in golf and in sport alike.

This season’s guests have been announced. An incredible list of legends and sports figures make appearances on Feherty’s fresh slate. Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Knight, Paul Azinger, Phil Mickelson, Nick Faldo, Colin Montomerie, Tim Finchem and Jim Nantz are all expected to converse with the idiosyncratic David Feherty.

Over the past two seasons, interviews with athletes such as John Daly, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Tom Watson and Annika Sorenstam have controlled the attention of America’s viewing public. David’s openness of his own humbling past along with an irreverent sense of humor allowed the internal guards of these athletes to be subdued. The result – revealing and disarming conversations. It was must watch television.

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Feherty is one of my favorites. He displays an on-camera courage I envy. He invites honesty and rebels against tradition. If his notable Irish accent and peculiar choice of facial hair isn’t enough to resonate with viewers, his exposure of famous athletes and celebrities through the form of interview should be plenty.

John Daly smoked a driver from a golf ball teed up in his mouth. He shared tears with Tom Watson. He challenged Bubba Watson before his first major championship victory. Donald Trump opened up about his personal struggles. He dove deep into the unfulfilled career of Sergio Garcia. He asked the polarizing Johnny Miller a question too few people have the “nads” to ask. (“How do you think you’ll be remembered, and how does that compare with how you want to be remembered?)

Feherty is great for television and even more so, great for the game of golf. Non-golfing friends of mine find themselves hypnotized by the TV during his questionnaires and the answers they evoke. The show’s unorganized structure gives it a sense of reality few shows of its nature grant their audiences.

And all I know is that I am thrilled for my rump and couch to reunite in front of another Feherty interview like those….

Troy Klongerbo

P.S. Catch a special sneak preview of the season to come in the video below!