The first round with my new AP 2 Series 712 Titleist irons is in the books.  Not even the cold and wind of a Fall day could dampen the excitement I had of putting the new sticks to the test.  With 18 holes down, here are my thoughts.    

As expected the look and feel were very similar to that of my current AP 2 set.  I am no design expert and could never give you the “science” on why this particular style is easier to hit then others, but let me just say “It is.” 

I notice the ball flight off the face was higher.  This made it easier for those 3, 4 and 5 irons to get up in the air.  A smart play by Titleist as this is one of the most common struggles for the average golfer and why hybrids have become so popular.

The size of the face and sole of the club looked larger to my eye as well.  There was more forgiveness on heel and toe shots throughout the set.  No question I was able to keep more balls on target for a longer period of time. 

In the end, my first impression is this club will be a huge hit for Titleist.  It’s more forgiving style while maintaining a traditional look (A Titleist staple) will be the mix consumers are looking for.  Personally, as I stated in my last blog, I really like my current set of AP2 irons.  There are a lot of good memories with the set and it will be hard to let them go.  

End result: I need a few more rounds before determining which Titleist set makes the final cut and ends up in the bag for the 2012 season.