How much golf news do you digest during the day?

If you’re a person suffering from “golf-a-holicism,” like many people in the world, you have an insatiable desire for golf content.

After reading through word, after word, after word on USGolfTV, it may be good to check out an alternative source for your golf coverage, right?

Check out Global Golf Post. They’re on social media as well. Follow them on Twitter, here and check them out on Facebook, here.

They love golf just like the rest of us 🙂

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Global Golf Post operates primarily from the digital magazine subscriptions. Within that, they give golfers the up-to-date, newsworthy happenings in the golf world.

Specifically, their News & Notes page is one of their most popular.

Within the News & Notes section, Global Golf News gives golf fans some tidbits into the happenings of the golf world. They may read a blip on a tournament they may not traditionally follow, a report on an equipment upgrade they may not have seen, or a story about a player they may not have heard.

The News & Notes section is an interesting read for golfers.

Check out Global Golf Post today.