With smartphones becoming more of the norm than the exception now, there is a plethora of information available literally at your fingertips. If you have a smartphone and have not yet entered into the app world, you are missing out. Apps are there to simplify and to add fun to your life, but since there are thousands out there that could be beneficial to you, it can be overwhelming. For those of us looking to improve our game (and who isn’t?), the Golf Genie app is a great option.

The Golf Genie app cleanly lays out full swing practice drills like:

  • full swing checkpoints
  • backswing drills
  • downswing drills
  • impact drills
  • and more

It also lays out short game practice drills like:

  • putting
  • chipping
  • bunker and pitching drills
  • details swing faults
  • routines
  • and other areas

Many drills can get confusing and are hard to follow along in print, but the Golf Genie app does an excellent job of detailing each drill with step-by-step instructions and with pictures.

For example, for the “Top of Backswing” drill, here are the easy steps to follow:

  1. Assume normal address position and hinge wrists so that club is pointing up.
  2. Keep wrists hinged and place club on right shoulder.
  3. Rotate fully- shoulders 90*, hips 30-45*
  4. Extend arms fully ensuring that hands are in front of chest and check that club face is square and that back of left hand and club face are parallel.

There are many other detailed examples just like this in the Golf Genie app that will help your game.

So, as you can see, the Golf Genie app is well detailed, easy to use and is full of great drills to help your game. The best news yet is that it’s available as an app for only $0.99. Get it today, lower scores are waiting.