Golf Gift Ideas They Will Remember

By Todd Kolb
December 1, 2011

Different Golf Christmas Gift Ideas

The white stuff on the ground is a welcomed site for us native South Dakotans this time of year.  Even the most avid golfer doesn’t mind putting the clubs away for the family traditions held around the Christmas tree.  An afternoon tee time on Christmas day just doesn’t roll off the tongue like Jingle Bells or Silent Night.

But Christmas means shopping, and the sheer thought of another day at the mall can cause the hands to shake more than a three footer with a double press on the line.  Wish lists, mall food and wrapping paper just don’t do it like a Saturday morning tee time with the buddies.

No need to fear the long lines and backed up traffic.  These few gift ideas can be purchased from the comfort of your recliner while sitting back and watching football next to a warm fire.  No more brown socks and navy blue sweaters for this group.  This time give something unique, useful and different.

SPEED CHAIN *$119.95
Distance is a combination of swing speed and contact.  An increase of one mph in swing speed will produce another 2-3 yards.  The Speed-Chain is designed specially for golf and is based on solid science.  The gift of distance is always a home run.

All golfers know the most important part of scoring comes with the flat stick.  Drive for show and putt for dough.  The Putting Arc is simply the best putting aid on the market.  Spend the few extra dollars and get the MSIII.

GOLF LESSONS *$50.00-$240.00
Any local golf shop
We all have a golf buddy too proud to admit he needs a few lessons.  If you are tired of looking for his golf balls, do yourself a favor and give him a series of lessons.

A range pass is the gift that keeps giving all year long.  Many golfers don’t have time to play 9 holes over their lunch break and therefore will go to the range instead.  Almost all the golf courses in town offer a season range pass.  Look for early sign up discounts.

Todd Kolb

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  1. great ideas! Thank you for sharing with us.

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