Golf Pre-Round Stretching Tips

By Brett Bennett
November 2, 2012

How many times have you arrived at the golf course right before your tee time with just enough time to run into the shop to take care of your greens fees and maybe grab a couple of cold beverages?  Even though you may not have enough time to hit balls and put in a full warm up, there are some basic stretches that you should be doing before every round.  Here are some basic stretches that’ll have you primed to step up to that first tee ready to stripe it:

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Lace fingers and extend hands upwards above your head; 15 seconds

  1. Hands and arms behind your head, tilting to each side of your body; 15 seconds for each side
  2. With golf club or towel, extend your hands and arms above and behind your head; 15 seconds
  3. Put elbow behind your head and gently pull towards the center of back until stretch is felt and hold; 15 seconds for each arm
  4. Feet flat on the floor, twist and place hands on a wall or golf cart or something that is sturdy around you; 30 seconds for each side
  5. Grab ankle or shin and hold (either sitting down or standing up); 30 seconds each leg
  6. Start taking practice swings with your golf club at a moderate speed

Take the five minutes or so that is required to do these stretches prior to your golf round.  It is essential to get into the habit of this so that your body is ready to go before you even swing a golf club.  You will see results quickly, as it will not take your body three to four holes to get warmed up.  The first tee shot will be a lot easier knowing your body is ready to go…Use this routine and you will start to lower your scores!

Brett Bennett

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