Golf Putting Tips- “The Box Drill”

By Brett Bennett
July 21, 2012

When working with students, I consistently see the idea of putting misconstrued. So many golfers get fixed on trying to get the ball on the right line and doing everything bodily possible to do so. The line of the putt is important, yes, but golfers don’t spend nearly enough time working on the speed of their putts. Speed is essential to making putts. It is the absolute key to putting consistently and reducing golf shots on the course – in turn lowering scores.

Before a round of golf, focus on the speed of the greens and the tempo of your stroke. The human body is a miraculous thing and it is able to react to things that we are unable to understand. The body knows how to hit a putt on line. If we can consciously focus on the speed of the putt, our subconscious will take over the line and instinctively do so.
When practice putting, I would encourage golfers not to putt to holes. Sure it’s fine to putt to a hole, but we do not want those continual result based feedback leaking into our practice and we want to avoid becoming “line happy”.

The drill I have is called “The Box Drill”. What you will need is four tees and about twenty feet of string or what I like to use is construction string that comes on a spool. Make a box about ten feet by 12 to 18 inches deep. Now take about seven paces from the box measuring roughly 20 feet away. The objective here is to putt the ball into the box only focusing on the pace, not the line. Taking five balls, our goal is to get three within the box.
Now take some time the next time you are out practicing and lay down the box drill to work on your speed. It will lower scores and improve your game!

Brett Bennett

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  1. I like the idea of practicing distance. Most golfers I see (including me) almost instinctively putt on the proper line, but speed and distance cause the putt to miss. Getting the proper distance and feeding the ball into the high side of the hole would cause more putts to fall into the hole.

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