Golf Stretches to Increase Distance

By Todd Kolb
January 6, 2012

January marks the calendar change of yet another new golf season.  OK, so maybe golf for us in the north is a few turns of the calendar away (although this year weather wise here in SD hasn’t been so bad…yet).  But after the holiday celebrations and bowl games being mostly over, I’m ready for some golf.  Now is the time to begin shedding those holiday pounds and start thinking about the golf season.

Any athletic trainer will tell you flexibility is a key ingredient for a quality work out.  Golf is no different.  Increased flexibility improves technique, increases distance and helps prevent injury.  The best part is you can do all these from the comfort of your living room.

Exercise Physiologist Dick Bartling from Avera McKennan-Acceleration prescribed this stretching routine for my own game.  They are golf specific and take less than 10 minutes.  For the best results, stretch both sides, hold each stretch for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat three times.

Lie flat on the floor with knees bent.  While keeping the back in contact with the floor, roll the hips and knees to both sides.

Sit on the ground with the left knee bent.  Place right arm on the outside of left leg.  Rotate upper body until you feel a stretch down the right side.  Repeat other side.

Assume golf address position with the arms extended.  Keeping the arms extended, rotate the upper body to the right.  Twist until you feel a good stretch down the left side.  Repeat other side.

Assume golf address position with a golf club across the shoulders.  Turn the upper body until the club points well behind the ball.  Repeat other side.

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Todd Kolb

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