Golf Tips- How To Achieve the Proper Putting Setup

By Tyler Prins
August 15, 2012

In this video, PGA Pro Brett Bennett teaches us a few good tips on how to have a proper putting set up. The first thing that Brett tells us to do is to look at our grip.  When you grip every other club in your bag other than your putter, you grip it with your fingers.  With a putter, much of the stroke has to do with feel, so you’ll want to keep the putting grip in the palm of your hands, which will allow you to have a better and more consistent putting stroke.

The next thing we want to think about is our forearms, where we want to create a “V” shape.  We want our hands to be inline and even with our forearms.

Next, we want to focus at the rock of our shoulders. Many people feel like they want to use their wrists or their forearms in the putting stroke, but that will not allow you to create a solid putting stroke.  You want to make sure that you are taking the small muscles out of the stroke and feel like you are rocking your shoulders to create a proper putting stroke.

For a great putting tip on how to putt with a cross handed putting grip, click here.

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