Golf Tips- How To Fix A Pull Shot Video

By Brett Bennett
October 23, 2012

In this video, PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb teaches you how to fix a pull shot.  A pull is a shot that starts left of the target and stays left of the target with not very much movement.  One indication of this is your divot.  If it angles left, it can be assumed that the shot was pulled.

The first cause of this shot could just simply be your aim.  Your shoulders, hips, and feet could have been aimed left of your intended target. So make sure they are parallel before you hit the next shot.  Along with your alignment, the ball position could cause you to pull the golf ball.  If the ball is too far forward in your stance it could also cause you to pull the shot.  The fix for this is to get the ball in the correct position which should be just off of your left eye (for a right hander) or off of the middle of your chest for an iron shot. For wood shots, it needs to be just off the inside of your left foot or your left chest.

Lastly, another cause for pulling a shot is to come “over the top” with your golf swing.  This means that the arms are swinging out and away from the body and ultimately swinging the golf club left of the target. How to fix that is to have the sense that your arms are staying more connected to your body and your hands and club are going to work out and to the right of the target.

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Brett Bennett

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