Golf Tips- How To Fix A Slice With the Toe Up To Toe Up Drill

By Brett Bennett
November 3, 2012

It seems as though one of the biggest misses that newer players to the game tend to have is the slice.  This common ball flight for beginners is caused by having an open clubface at impact and not being able to release the clubhead through the golf swing.  Here is a drill that will help with both of these mistakes and allow for a straighter flight for your golf ball.  It’s called the Toe Up to Toe Up Drill.

Again, what this drill is going to accomplish for your golf swing is to let the clubface return to impact at a square position.  You are going to also see where the clubhead position should be on both sides of the golf ball.

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Take the club into the backswing to a point where the club shaft is horizontal to the ground at hip height with the toe of the club pointing skyward, clubface vertical.  Stop at this point and check the position and the clubhead so that it is in the correct position.  Now, swing through to a position in the follow-through with the club shaft again horizontal at hip height, the toe of the club to the sky and the leading edge vertical.   If your position in the follow-through is correct, it will have allowed your hands to release.

Work on this drill anywhere you have space available to swing a club.  You will find that slice becoming much less of a banana and more of a straight golf shot.  Now…get to work!

Brett Bennett


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