Golf Tips- How To Hit Out of A Fairway Bunker

By Joel Harrington
October 8, 2012

The fairway bunker shot can be one of the more difficult shots to hit in golf, trying to get the right amount of distance from your club all while standing in sand.  Teaching professional Brett Bennett gives some quick tips for how to approach the fairway bunker shot, and how to keep yourself out of more trouble.

–        Distance:  Use more club than you would on a normal shot.  For example, if you would use a 52 or 56 degree wedge for the distance on the shot, you may want to club up to a pitching wedge or 9-iron.

–        Stance:  Widen your stance a little, forming a more solid base.  A normal shot would use the lower body more, but this shot is going to be more in the arms, keeping your lower body quieter.

–        Swing:  The swing will be about three quarters throughout, instead of the normal full backswing and follow-through.  This will help pick the ball more cleanly from the sand.

–        Ball Position:  Keep the ball in the middle or slightly shaded back in the stance.

These tips should help you conquer those dreaded fairway bunker shots.  For more tips on mastering greenside bunker shots, click here.

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