Golf Tips- How To Improve Greenside Bunker Play Video

By Tyler Prins
September 7, 2012

In this video, PGA Pro Brett Bennett teaches us how to approach a greenside bunker shot.  Brett shows us that in this case, he has a great lie in the bunker and lots of green to work with.  First of all you need to decide which club you are going to use.  Brett suggests that either a 52 degree wedge or a 56 degree sand wedge would work best for this shot., because you need to carry the golf ball a fairly long distance.

Next, set up to the ball with a wider than normal stance. Also, make sure that you have a more open stance as well as an open club face.  Then, dig your feet into the sand so that you have a firm base. The goal when hitting this shot is to not hit the ball first, but to hit about one inch behind the ball. If you follow this tip you should get more consistent results from the sand.

For a great tip called the Beach Drill, click here.

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