Golf Tips- How To Improve Your Chipping With The Chipping Ring Drill

By Tyler Prins
September 9, 2012

In this golf tip video, PGA Pro Brett Bennett gives us a great tip on how to work on our distance control by using a chipping ring.  A chipping ring should measure six feet around and will be placed evenly around the cup or target. This will mean that you will have 3 feet of room on all sides of the cup for error. When you use the ring, you will use 5 golf balls, with the goal being to get 3 three balls in the ring depending on your skill level.  The distance that Brett tells us to chip from is anywhere from 20-60 feet from the cup. The preferred club that Brett would like to see us use would be either a 54 degree wedge or a 56 degree sand wedge. Working on this drill 15-20 minutes each week will improve your short game.

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