Golf Tips- How To Improve Your Greenside Bunker Play

By Brett Bennett
October 5, 2012

In this video, Teaching Professional Brett Bennett teaches you how to practice and effectively hit a greenside bunker shot.   This type of shot is one that requires a little bit further distance, so the club that should be selected is anything from a 52 to 56 degree wedge.  What you need to try to avoid is a 60 degree wedge that would get the ball up and land the ball short of the target, which would also not have much release.

The setup for this shot is you want to take a wider stance than usual, giving yourself a solid base to swing.  Along with this, you want to open the stance and clubface slightly. Dig your feet into the sand about one inch to give you stability as you take your swing which will also require you to choke down on the club about the same distance.  Remember to keep your weight forward and more on your left foot.

One common misconception with bunker shots is that you want to hit the ball first which is not true. When you are practicing this shot, go ahead and draw a line in the sand roughly one inch behind the ball.  This is the point at which you want to impact the sand to pop the ball up and out of the sand. Use these tips to master the greenside bunker shot.

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