Golf Tips- How To Improve Your Pre-Shot Routine Video

By Todd Kolb
November 27, 2012

Every time we get ready to hit a golf shot, there can be many good and bad things that go through our mind.  Great players not only have great swings, they have great minds as well.  In this video, Teaching Professional Brett Bennett provides some helpful tips on how to think like a Tour player by having a quality pre-shot routine.

  1. The first step is to find the correct yardage.  Look for a course marker that indicates the distance to the middle of the green.  Figure out how far your ball is from the maker and calculate the total distance to the flagstick.
  2. Check out the direction of the wind.  Simply knowing if the shot is downwind or into the wind can greatly vary the club selection. A couple ways to check wind direction is by looking at the top of the trees or tossing blades of grass in the air and watching which way it goes.
  3. Pick out a point in front of your ball that is on your intended target line.  This can be a tee, divot or anything that is in line with the direction you would like the ball to travel. By identifying this spot, it will be easier to find the proper alignment and get the ball started on the correct line.

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By following these tips and other great ideas from Brett Bennett, you will increase your knowledge and begin shooting lower scores.

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