Golf Tips- How To Practice Proper Etiquette On the Greens Video

By Tyler Prins
July 9, 2012

In this tip, PGA Pro Todd Kolb teaches us what proper etiquette is on the putting green.  The first thing that he tells us when we walk onto the green is to mark your ball and fix the pitch mark or divot that you may have created on the putting green. Also, you will want to make sure that everyone’s ball is on the green as well.  When you are sure that no one needs the flag in the hold you should take the pin out and put it out of everyone’s way.

In the game of golf the person furthest from the hole always plays first, so determine who is furthest and have them play first. While the person that is the furthest from the hole is putting, everyone else should be gathering the information that they need to be ready to play when it is their turn. Make sure that when you are gathering this information that you are quiet and not a distraction to anyone else that putting or getting ready to putt.

Now if you hit your putt and miss but are very close to the hole, you are allowed to go ahead and finish up by tapping your ball into the hole. Lastly make sure that if you are the first or the second one in your group to finish up putting you should pick up the flag and be the one to put the pin back into the hole.  All of this is to better ensure that you and your group are able to finish up in a timely fashion.

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