Golf Tips- How To Putt With A Belly Putter Video

By Tyler Prins
September 11, 2012

In this tip, PGA Pro Todd Kolb discusses how and why people use a belly putter.  For starters, a belly putter is a putter that you fix directly to your body.  The putter is longer than any standard putter but shorter than a long putter. This putter will be long enough to stick into the middle of your stomach and hold there while you set up to your putt.

The reason that people tend to use a belly putter is because they feel that they can more easily make a pendulum motion while making your putting stroke. The belly putter allows them to anchor the putter to their body and take the small muscles out of the putt.

The way that you hold the putter is the same way that you would hold your standard length putter, with the only difference being that you put the butt of the putter in your stomach. The reason that you do that is to take the small muscles out of the putting stroke.  This will help you are having problems with anything from the yips to simple inconsistencies in your putting stroke.

It should be noted that on Wednesday, November 28th, the USGA + R&A proposed a new rule to outlaw all anchored putters, including belly putters, effective January 1st, 2016.  Check out our thoughts on the ruling by clicking here.

For another great modified putting option on putting with a claw grip, click here.

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