Golf Tips- Improving Your Weight Transfer

By Brett Bennett
September 7, 2012

The golf swing is a rotation of the upper body and a release of the energy built up from this rotation.  Your weight must fall back onto your right side (as a righty) and be propelled onto your left side finishing the rotation and your golf swing.   I see many amateurs start the weight transfer on their back side but fail to get their weight back through.  Here are a couple of tips to make sure you are making a complete swing and getting your weight transferred correctly.

The first thing we are going to focus on with your weight transfer is your back foot.  Once you have completed your follow through, I would like to see your right foot pointed up.  If your weight is not transferred towards your front side, you will find that your back foot may still be attached to the ground.  Thus your weight hanging back and creating shots that are snap hooks or push fades.  Point that toe into the ground, pushing your weight forward to help get your weight transferred.

The second pointer that will help you focus on your weight transfer is your belt buckle.  Once you have completed the swing, your belt buckle should be pointed towards your target; meaning that you have made a full, completed turn.  If the weight is still back, you will see your buckle pointed right of your target (as a righty) or left of your target (as a lefty).

Be sure to keep these two tips in mind the next time you go to the range.  You may just find yourself hitting better golf shots!

Brett Bennett

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