Golf Tips- Make More Putts Using the Ruler Drill Video

By Tyler Prins
December 9, 2012

In this tip, Teaching Professional Brett Bennett teaches us how to make nearly every three foot putt.  Brett calls it the ruler drill, with the main goal of the drill being to make sure that we are contacting the ball with a solid stroke.

The first thing that you want to do is set the ruler on a flat surface so that you know the ball will roll straight if hit correctly.  Next, you need to set the ball on the end of the ruler so when you make your putting stroke it can travel the full length of the ruler if hit correctly.

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The next step is to hit a few balls with your current putting stroke and see if the ball is staying on the ruler or if the ball is falling off to the left of the right before it gets to the end of the ruler.  This will help you to determine whether or not you are making a good putting stroke.

For a great tip on how to achieve the proper putting setup, click here.

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