Golf Tips- Mental Game Help and How To Fix Sliding Hips

By Brett Bennett
August 5, 2012

In this video, Teaching Professional Brett Bennett addresses issues with golf’s mental game and sliding hips during the swing.  The first thing that will help with the mental game is to focus on one shot at a time.  There are many amateurs that are so worried about a poor shot that they hit a couple holes back as they approach a different shot on a different hole.  At that point, tt is over and done with, so you should approach each shot with a clear frame of thought and an idea of how you are going to hit it. One way to help with this is to go through a routine.  It will put you in a nice mental state giving you a relaxation to focus on the shot at hand.

If you have an issue with sliding your hips into the shot, you need to think about keeping your hips “quiet.” So the drill that you need to work on is taking half swings, focusing on your hips staying with the club head on the backswing and forward swing.  Once the hips do start to slide through there is a tendency for the hands to lag behind and for your shots to become less solid.

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