Golf Tips- Short Game Drill Aids, Videos

By Troy Klongerbo
August 8, 2012

In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb explains some of the basic practicing aids that can be used during a good practice session around the greens improving the short game.

He starts with the basics – the clubs. He points out having roughly 4 clubs, anything ranging from an 8 iron, down to a simple lob wedge. Any wedge is a good wedge to use around the greens. He also, adds to bring a putter for the putting drills and 5 golf balls. Using 5 golf balls will force golfers to move around and practice from a number of locations around the green.  Click here for more info on the 4 Club Drill.

The first aid he points out is a elevated string line or B-Line, used to work on hitting straight putts seeing proper lines with the eyes. It is a very inexpensive tool, costing golfers less than $15. To see how this is used properly, please see Todd’s instructional about the Elevated String Line by clicking here.

Next is the putting arc. This tool comes a little more expensive, something around $30-35. It is great to work on an arcing putting stroke. For more information regarding this drill, please visit the Putting Arc tutorial here by clicking here.

The final tool is a chipping ring. This is used to understand what types of chip shots are going to result in makeable putts. It is a simple ring that folds up easily for quick transportation. It can move to be 6 feet around, creating a 3 foot circle around the hole for chipping drills.

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