Golf Tips- The Basics of Putting Video

By Tyler Prins
June 9, 2012

In this video tip, PGA Pro Todd Kolb teaches us the basics of setting up and creating a good putting stroke.  The first thing that Todd talks about is our hands and shoulders.  When we drop our hands down to grab the putter grip, we want them to be level.  There are a few different putting grips that we could use to create this (click here for details on the cross-handed grip and click here for details on the claw putting grip).  One of the main things we want to focus on would be keeping our shoulders level, which allows us to create a better pendulum motion in our putting stroke.

The next thing we want to take a look at Todd says is how our “Lead eye” (for a right handed golf this would be your left eye) sets up to the golf ball.  We want our lead eye to be directly over the golf ball, which shows you that your body position is correct.

Next you want to get lined up at the target.  If you have done the other two steps correctly, you will help you self line up the rest of your body towards to the hole.  When you line up the putt, you want to make sure your feet, hands, putter face, and shoulders are all square to help you better roll the ball on your intended target line.

The last thing you want to think about is how far the putt is.  When you swing the putter in a pendulum motion, you want your putting stroke to be the same distance on your take away as well as your follow through.  The longer the putting stroke the further the ball will travel.

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