Golf Tips- The Proper Techniques of a Pitch Shot Video

By Tyler Prins
September 2, 2012

In this video, PGA Teaching Professional Jason Sudenga teaches us the proper technique of a pitch shot.  This is a shot that we usually when we find ourselves short-sided, meaning that there is not much room between where the ball ended up and the location of the pin on the green.

Jason tells us in this golf tip that the goal is to get the ball higher in the air so the ball will land softer and not roll out as far.  The club that he suggests that we use is a 58 or 60 degree wedge, or the most lofted club in your bag.  When we set up to the ball, the first thing we want to do is open the club face.  This will allow us to get the ball even higher in the air. When we hit the ball, we want to think about keeping the clubface open and aimed at the sky even during our follow through.  The last thing to remember is to keep your hands and weight forward when setting up to the ball.

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