Golf Tips- Use the Lookaway Drill to Improve Your Putting Video

By Troy Klongerbo
October 8, 2012

This drill is probably one of PGA Professional Todd Kolb’s favorite drills to improve putting. It is a great drill when trying to achieve good posture and good fundamentals in the putting stroke.

The drill begins with a putt of 20-25 feet. When the location of the putt is decided upon, place a tee behind the ball. The tee should be placed roughly 12-15 inches behind the ball. From there, begin hitting putts toward the hole, focusing on the speed of the putts.

Now- the trick to this drill. Once the putt is struck, it is important to look back at the tee placed in the green behind the ball until it is believed the ball has passed the hole. It is a great way to focus on controlling speed and also remaining committed to maintaining good posture throughout the stroke.

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