How do you mark your ball? Do you use a Sharpie to circle the number? Put three black dots around the logo? Draw a lopsided happy face? I have seen all these around the golf course. I have also seen plenty of great looking logo balls, and often thought of getting a customized ball of my own. I just don’t have my own logo, and wouldn’t usually buy ten dozen balls at a time. Fortunately, the people at Golfdotz have a solution.

Golfdotz offers us the ability to make any golf ball uniquely our own. Using a special transfer process, in five seconds, we can add a myriad of images to our golf balls. Golfdotz looks as crisp, clean, colorful and bright as the best logo. At, you can choose from football helmets, your country’s flag, scary skulls, happy pets, and happy faces that aren’t lopsided. There are too many different Golfdotz to describe here. I personally like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Each one looks great, and will make your ball say something about you.

This is a hot product. Amateurs and pros love using Golfdotz to stand out and to add a little extra fun to their game. They stick them to their golf balls, to the backs of their clubs, and even their shoes. Bubba Watson uses the Be Happy Golfdotz. Rory Sabbatini uses a custom Dragon Golfdotz while Natalie Gulbis has her own favorite. There are many great Golfdotz to choose from. And they can also make a special custom Golfdotz just for you. You get two-dozen for around five dollars. So, Golfdotz are a great value, too.

Rick Cole